1. Definitions


1.1          “These conditions” shall mean the terms of conditions herein set out.

1.2          “The Quotation” shall mean the quotations submitted by Riverside Travel                                              incorporating these conditions.

1.3          “The Reservation” means the acceptance of the quotation by the customer.

1.4          “The Reservation Confirmation” means the reservation details given by the customer                       and recorded by Riverside Travel.

1.5          “Riverside Travel” shall mean Riverside Travel (Dorset) Ltd of Brixey’s Barn,                                         Blandford Road, Tarrant Hinton, Dorset. DT11 8HX.

1.6          “The Customer” shall mean customer or passenger.

1.7          “The Customer / Passenger” shall mean the person, body, firm or corporation                                     specified as the customer / passenger in the reservation confirmation.

1.8          “The Services” shall mean those transport services referred to in the reservation                                  confirmation.

1.9          “The Reservation Cost” shall mean the cost quoted for the services in the reservation                      contract.

1.10        “The Contract Price” shall mean the reservation price quoted together with any                                  additional chargers thereto made under these conditions.

1.11        “The Contract” shall have the meaning as set out in Clause 2, of these conditions and                       reference to the contract shall include reference to the quotation, the reservation,                     Riverside Travel acceptance of the reservation and any other term or documentation                            specifically referred to as forming part of the contract.

1.12        “The Driver” means the driver of the vehicle providing the services.

1.13        “The Pick-Up Point” means the place of collection or pick up of the customer as                                 specified on the reservation confirmation and in the case of an airport means the                       pre agreed area, in the Arrivals Hall of the terminal the customer is scheduled to             arrive at.


  1. The Contract


The contract shall be affected upon Riverside Travel accepting the customers reservation                               and the date of the contract shall be the date of such acceptance unless         otherwise specified         and the contract shall be subject to these conditions in all respects.


  1. Performance


3.1          Riverside Travel will provide or procure the provision of the services.

3.2          Riverside Travel shall not be liable for any delay or failure to provide the services                               arising by reason of incorrect instructions given by the customer / details or failure on the part of the customer to comply with these conditions.

3.3          Riverside Travel operate a strict NO SMOKING policy in all vehicles.  In the interest of                       safety the driver will have the right not to allow any person into the vehicle that the                              driver believes will be a nuisance or danger to the driver or other passengers.

3.4          Child seats are the responsibility solely of the parent / guardian and should be fitted by the           parent / guardian.   Riverside Travel will not be held responsible for consequences occurring          from child seats being incorrectly fitted or not fit for purpose.  If a child seat has been                   requested to be carried for a child upon meeting the passenger, please be aware, in the                  unlikely event a problem arises with the vehicle on route to collect the passenger, and it is    necessary to arrange alternative transport for the passenger, then we may not be able to            produce the child seat for the child (it is not a legal requirement for a child to be placed in a          child seat if travelling in a Private Hire/Hackney vehicle).

3.5          The customer will be held responsible to pay for the relevant rate for repair / valet or any              other attributing charges in the event of soil or damage caused by the passenger or member    of the passenger’s party to the vehicle in which they are being conveyed.

3.6          Subject to these conditions Riverside Travel shall not be liable for any loss or damage                       whatsoever or howsoever occasioned which may be a direct or indirect result of Riverside      Travel delay or any other parties delay in providing or completion of the service.

3.7          Collection of passengers (Inbound Flights).  There may be occasions when inbound                            flight numbers do not match arrival times.  The vehicle and driver are scheduled for the                             arrival time given.  Unless otherwise specified by the customer, Riverside Travel will                               endeavour to collect the passengers from the pick-up point on the date specified on the                          reservation confirmation a minimum of 45 minutes after the original time given as                   specified on the reservation confirmation or in the case of a flight delay and subject to                            Riverside Travel’s availability a minimum of 45 minutes after the                arrival time confirmed by     the relevant airport (along with 5.1).

3.8          Pick up of Passengers (Outward Journey). It is the passenger’s responsibility to be                              ready for pick up on the date and time as specified on the reservation confirmation or time       and date given by the customer.  Any delay in pick-up of the passengers may be subject to        an excess charge to the customer or cancellation of the contract should the delay in pick-up         be a result of the passengers not being ready at the time or on the date specified on the                                reservation confirmation. In the unlikely event a Riverside Travel vehicle does not arrive on              or at the time specified on the reservation confirmation, the passenger should notify                       Riverside Travel on the telephone number given, then Riverside Travel can advise them of             how to proceed.


3.9          In the unlikely event that the requested service / vehicle type is not available,                                      Riverside Travel reserve the right to substitute the service / vehicle type at short                                   notice.  However, Riverside Travel will make all reasonable effort to supply the                                           desired service / vehicle type as originally requested.


4.0          Payment


A vehicle will not be reserved for the customer unless full payment is received by Riverside           Travel in advance of procurement of the service.


Additional Charges

In the event that additional charges are required, the customer is expected to pay all                       additional charges before commencement of any journey.

4.1          Subject to paragraph 4 hereof, upon Riverside Travel receiving a booking, a reservation                   confirmation will be issued to the customer.  The customer is required to check that details     on the reservation confirmation are correct and to keep Riverside Travel informed of any                       alteration as and when they occur.

4.2          For all reservations.  The whole amount of the journey cost will be charged should a                         cancellation of a reservation be made within 24 hours of the provision of the service.  Should                the customer cancel the reservation within 3 days of the provision of the services 30%of the          contract price will be retained or charged.  If the customer gives more than 3 days’ notice of   cancellation, 15% of the contract price will be retained or charged.  All cancellations need to     be confirmed in writing or via e mail.

4.3          If a customer has reserved a vehicle at the standard service rate, the vehicle used                              may be a higher priced vehicle at no extra cost to the customer or a vehicle that has more                than four passenger seats.

4.4          In the unlikely event that the vehicle reserved has become unavailable to the customer,                 Riverside Travel, reserves the right to substitute the vehicle for another with the relevant adjustment in price.

4.5          Any amendments to your details need to be received in writing or via e mail to Riverside                                Travel.

4.6          Subject to these conditions Riverside Travel will not be liable for any loss or damage in                    excess of the contract price.


5              Responsibilities

Subject to these conditions


5.1          Riverside Travel will collect the passenger from the pick-up point on the date specified on              the reservation confirmation and to convey the passenger to the destination as specified on                 the reservation confirmation.  In the event of a flight delay and subject to Riverside Travels           availability the passenger will be met a minimum of 45 minutes after the landing time as                           confirmed to Riverside Travel by the relevant airport. As in 3.7.

5.2          Riverside Travel will not be responsible for any delays in conveying the passenger from the            pick-up point to the destination.  Riverside Travel cannot guarantee arrival at the destination   referred to on the reservation confirmation at any particular time.  The customer must                                ensure that the pick-up time stipulated in the reservation confirmation leaves sufficient time   for the passenger to arrive at the destination for connection with other transport or the                    passenger’s other purposes and the customer must take into account possible traffic                                 congestion and any other relevant matters.

5.3          If Riverside Travel fails to meet the passenger at the pick-up point within two hours of the             time calculated under these conditions for meeting the passenger, the passenger shall                              contact Riverside Travel on the telephone number given on the reservation confirmation.                 Riverside Travel will then inform the passengers how to           proceed.

5.4          If the passenger fails to meet the driver of Riverside Travel within 1 hour of landing due to             additional delays, hereunder these terms and conditions for meeting the driver, the                              customer / passenger shall pay to the driver a further £20.00 per hour in addition to the                       contract price.  Additional contract car park charges will be payable by the passenger /                            customer.

5.5          The driver will meet the passenger at the pick-up point and the passenger must                                  produce the reservation confirmation to the driver.

5.6          Should the passengers flight arrival details differ from those specified on the reservation                                confirmation (apart from flight delays) an excess charge, for drivers waiting time will be                  made at the rate of £20.00 per hour.  Further a similar charge will apply in the event that the                 flight is diverted from its original landing port.  Should the passenger’s inward flight be                      delayed by three or more hours or the passenger / customer requests a change of the arrival     details on or after the date specified for                 provision of the services in the reservation                    confirmation, at Riverside Travel’s discretion an excess charge of £20.00 may be payable, in    addition to the reservation price, for re-scheduling the services.

5.7          All additional charges must be paid for in cash, credit or debit card and be paid to the driver         upon meeting the passenger at the pick-0up point or direct to Riverside              Travel’s office                    before the provision of service or added to the customer’s account.


6              Personal Belongings and Luggage


6.1          Passenger’s personal belongings are conveyed or stored at the passenger’s sole risk.  It is the       passenger’s sole responsibility to ensure that such items are loaded / unloaded from / into    the vehicle.

6.2          Riverside Travel will not be held responsible for any damage occasioned to such belongings           at any time. Riverside Travel assumes no responsibility for damaged property contained in     luggage which is carried by any vehicle.

6.3          When making reservations, the customer must inform Riverside Travel and confirm, the                 type, number of items, and size of luggage to be carried e.g. hard or soft cases.               Excess                   luggage will only be carried by Riverside Travel, agreed by the driver and at the customer’s   sole risk.


7              Force Majeure

Riverside Travel shall not be liable in any way to the customer or any other party for any loss        or damage of whatsoever nature caused wholly or partly by or in consequence of war                 (whether declared or not and whether or not the United Kingdom is a belligerent), national      emergency, government or other competent authority regulations and controls, scarcity of     labour, strikes, lock-outs, civil malicious damage, adverse weather conditions or any other cause not wholly within the control of Riverside Travel or by scarcity, shortage or difficulty in                 delivering or procuring the services.


8              Statutory and Other Regulations


If the cost to Riverside Travel of performing its obligations under the contract shall be                      increased or reduced by reason of the making or amendment after the date of the contract    of any law or any other order regulation or bye law having the force of law that shall affect       the performance of the obligations of Riverside Travel under the contract the amount of                             such increase or reduction shall be added to or deducted from the contract price as the case             may be.


9              Surcharges

If the cost to Riverside Travel of performing the services shall be increased by reason of fuel          and other relevant charges increasing by 15% or more between reservation              and                        provision of the services the amount of such increase shall be added to the contract price       and be payable by the customer.


10           Arbitration


If at any time any question, dispute or difference shall arise between Riverside Travel and              the customer upon or in relation to or in connection with the contract or these terms and         conditions either party may give notice in writing to the other of the existence of                                such question, dispute or difference and the same shall be referred to the arbitration of a   person to be agreed upon by Riverside Travel and the customer or failing agreement within            30 days of receipt of such notice of some person appointed by the president for the time                 being of the Law Society for England and Wales or such person nominated by such president        for such purpose.


11           Jurisdiction


These conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in all respects in                        accordance with English Law.


12           Interpretation


Where the customer is two or more parties all obligations expressed or implied to be made          by or with the customer under these conditions shall be deemed to be made by or with such     parties jointly and severally.  Words importing the one gender include all other genders and words importing the singular number inc lude the plural and vice versa.  The paragraph                            headings of these conditions do not form part of these conditions and shall not be taken into               account in the construction or interpretation of these conditions.




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